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SECC Scholarship

At SE Career College, we are preparing a new generation of health care providers to support the aging population and find a career they love. SECC is proud to support a new generation of students - Health Care Assistants in British Columbia and Personal Support Workers in Ontario. Powered by SE Health Care, our scholarship represents our commitment to educating for excellence. SECC will award one scholarship to a student at each campus, per intake.

Scholarship Value: $1,000.00 off the student's tuition amount

To be considered for the SECC Student Scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a legal/permanent resident of Canada or have refugee status
  • Be enrolled into the SE Career College HCA Diploma or HCA-ESL Diploma program or the PSW Certificate program
  • Complete and submit a short essay on how the student will spread hope and happiness to their community using their new career training