SE Career College / Blog / How Will I Pay For My HCA Diploma? A Quick Guide to Available Financial Aid Options!

How Will I Pay For My HCA Diploma? A Quick Guide to Available Financial Aid Options!

How Will I Pay For My HCA Diploma? A Quick Guide to Available Financial Aid Options!

How Will I Pay For My HCA Diploma? A Quick Guide to Available Financial Aid Options!

If you’re interested in beginning a new career in the health care industry, earning your health care assistant (HCA) diploma can be a great way to get started, allowing you to graduate and enter the job market in as little as 33 weeks.

HCAs work under the direction and supervision of a health professional, often in residential care homes or home-care settings. They help to promote and maintain the physical, emotional, cognitive, and social well-being of individuals receiving health-care services, as well as provide support to their families. For anyone interested in the health care field, it can be an incredibly rewarding career path, and one with a number of exciting opportunities available: currently, the health care sector is one of the largest and fastest growing in all of BC, employing over 210,000 people.

If you’re interested in becoming an HCA but not yet sure how you’ll pay for your diploma program, here’s a quick overview of some of the options available.

The BC Employer Training Grant Provides Funding for Skills Training

One option that some students might want to explore is the BC Employer Training Grant, which has replaced the former Canada-BC Job Fund Agreement.

While students themselves are not directly eligible for this grant, it is available to private and non-profit employers in British Columbia, who can apply for funding to support skills training for both current and new employees. Overall, the BC Employer Training Grant will be providing up to $8 million in funding to eligible employers over the fiscal year 2018/2019.

Public sector employers like hospitals and regional health authorities are not eligible for the program, but public and private residential care facilities are, meaning that for some students, it could be possible to have their HCA diploma funded by the BC Employer Training Grant through a potential or current employer.

Students at SE Career College Could be Eligible for Student Loans

SE Career College is a designated post-secondary institution. This means that students enrolling in an HCA program at our health care career college could be eligible to apply for Canada and BC student loans, which can cover tuition, as well as educational costs like books and training materials, and living expenses. In BC, loans from the provincial and federal government are integrated and administered as a single loan, streamlining the application process and allowing students to manage their loans through one point of contact.

Eligible students could pay for their training with Canada-BC student loans

Students Will Want to Explore Available Grants, Bursaries, and Scholarships

In addition to offering student loans, there are a number of provincial and federal grants, bursaries, and scholarships available to students. Unlike student loans, these sources of funding do not have to be paid back. These grants, bursaries, and scholarships can be based on a number of factors, including financial needs, academic achievement, or community involvement, and for many of these, students are considered automatically when they apply for student loan funding.

The SECC Student Scholarship Could Help Pay for Your HCA Diploma

For every intake, SECC also provides one $1000 SECC Student Scholarship at each campus. In order to be considered, students must be a legal/permanent resident of Canada or have refugee status. They must also be enrolled in the SECC HCA Diploma program, the HCA-ESL diploma program, or the PSW Certificate program. For the application process, students are required to write and submit a short essay on how they will spread hope and happiness to their community using their new career training.

Students in SECC’s HCA Diploma program can apply for the SECC Student Scholarship

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