Health Care Assistant

Health Care Assistant

First Nation communities across Canada are seeking education that is relevant, accessible, and culturally safe, in order to meet significant health human resource shortages for Health Care Aides (HCA).

Through our SE Career College of Health, we offer the Health Care Aide (HCA) Diploma Blended Delivery (BD) Program. This program has been developed to support students who wish to minimize the time required to leave community and family to complete HCA training. The program offers the best of face to face and virtual (online) education training. Students in the HCA BD program will learn through a combination of in person sessions, modules done at home and weekly Virtual Gatherings done through virtual technologies. Virtual technologies can include tele health and/or computer based meeting programs.

Upon completion of the program, graduates will receive an SE Career College of Health Diploma and will be prepared to work in a variety of practice settings including home support, assisted living, residential/complex care, special care units, other home and community care settings and acute care.

For further information on this program, click here.

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