Hope and Happiness

Hope and Happiness

Spreading Hope and Happiness

At SE Career College of Health, bringing Hope and Happiness is integral to why we exist. We continuously encourage our students to pay it forward and empower them to do the little things that make a big difference in people’s lives.

Paying it Forward

We encourage our staff to take action and pay it forward. Each year, we give them $25 hope and happiness dollar to support them with their act of kindness. We continue to receive incredible stories each year from our staff on the impact we’re making in the lives of our clients, their families, and in the community.

A few stories from our Leaders of Impact are shared below:

I will be taking a lovely senior that I met on my home visits for her very first pedicure with the PSW my new friend. – “Elanor”

I am buying small vases from the dollar store and am going to bring my clients flowers from my garden during the month of June!! I appreciated your message and hope to spread lots of happiness. – “Kim”

I spent my $25 dollars inviting my 3 year old client and his mom to ice cream and celebrate that he is cancer free after a year of chemotherapy and some trips to ER. Family is very grateful with SE nurses. – “Lyda”

Holiday Hope and Happiness

Each holiday season, SE Health runs a Holiday Hope and Happiness campaign enabling SE Health Nurses, Personal Support Workers, Therapists and Administrative Staff to purchase gifts or pay for a special holiday meal to help brighten the day of someone in need. Each year, hundreds of people receive heartfelt gifts hand-delivered by SE Health staff members.

Sharing Positivity
Use #SEHopeAndHappiness to share something positive to brighten the lives of others.